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Quality Policy

It is our Quality Policy that we deliver on the basis of an effective quality system the best products and services that exceed our customers requirements and expectations.
All executives and employees of RAMIRA are making continuous efforts to achieve the very best quality in all our products and services we offer.
We obtained ISO 9001:2008 certificate, the international standard for quality. We have also  achieved ISO 14001:2004, the Environmental Management Certificate. In addition, we are continuously upgrading the quality management system in all stages ranging from order receipt, production to shipment.
As customer satisfaction is our primary objective, and quality is the prerequisite for that, it is our mandate to deliver what our customers demand and maintain our competitiveness.
The company management of Ramira has to keep the following principles for the maintenance and continuos improvement of the quality :

All processes within the company are fully in line with the current legislation and related regulations
Set up the processes within the company so as to minimize the negative impacts of its operations on the environment and output of production will be the quality product
Perform the carefull selection of suppliers of materials and services, in order to still ensure the quality and the compliance of output products with legal requirements
Adapt the processes within the company to the current customer requirements
Continually increase and advance the education and professionalism of their personnel
Minimize the number of claims from the customer
The potential non-compliance prevent with the imposing of preventive measures.

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