History of Ramira

Established in 1979, the company began its activity under the name IMUAS, meaning „Intreprinderea de Mașini-Unelte și Scule”, having the main activity field manufacturing of machine-tools and technological installations, as well accessories. 

At that time the company was subordinated to the Ministry of Car Manufacturing Industry Bucharest, working under its guidance and control.

In 1991, IMUAS was reorganized and became RAMIRA. From this moment, RAMIRA started the production of the following machines type: universal sharpening, specialized sharpening, boring, slotting, honing, lapping, broaching machines, accesories for machine -tools,  pneumatical tools. It was the beginning of the export in Rusia, Egypt, China, Germany.

In 1998 Ramira declared bankruptcy.

In year 2000, the Izoterom Group became the major shareholder of Ramira. The new owner starts a reorganization and investment  program in order to increase the competitiveness. The main activity field was the manufacturing of the metal structures and assemblies and parts of metal structures. 

RAMIRA starts the activity in 2002 in the automotive industry, with the manufacturing of welding fixtures, with mechanical works (as subcontractor) and 3D control for European vehicle manufacturers.

In 2013, the czech company Chropyňská strojírna became the major shareholder of RAMIRA. The integrated investment program (initially started in 2010) was finished in the same year, with the support of the European Union programs. The company has been modernized and equipped with the latest machines and technologies in this field.

Welcome to Ramira

RAMIRA operates in the automotive industry sector, beeing focused on the manufacturing of welding fixtures.
Our know-how in this activity field is more than 10 years and the pursued goals are high quality, meeting the deadlines and competitive prices.
RAMIRA is one of the biggest suppliers in this field in Romania.

In order to increase these capacities, it was invested yearly in the machines park, in obtaining the ISO 9001 quality certificate (2008), the TÜV welding certificate and also in the employees certifications.
Our machines park has been renewed with 5-axis machining centers,  including DMG-DMU, TOS-BOHRWEK, WMW, 3D control machines, painting booth, annealing and nitriding in gas furnaces, hardening installation.
Following these investments, our production capacity has increased by over 50%.

TOTAL SURFACE : 45000 m2
ASSEMBLY: 4.428 m2
OFFICE : 3.700 m2
TURNOVER 2013: 10 mil. Euro

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